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Sparkling wines made with the Macabeo grape variety, also known as Viura in some regions of Spain, are appreciated for their fresh and versatile character. Macabeo is a white grape that is used in the production of cava, a traditional Spanish sparkling wine.

What is the Macabeu grape variety like?

The Macabeu grape variety is characterized by its refreshing acidity and its ability to maintain a good structure in white wines. Wines made with Macabeu tend to show subtle fruit notes, such as green apple, pear and citrus, sometimes accompanied by floral and herbaceous touches. Its versatility makes it suitable for both the production of still wines and sparkling wines, such as Spanish cava, where it plays a prominent role in the blend.

What do Macabeu sparkling wines pair with?

Sparkling wines made from the Macabeu grape variety are versatile and harmonize well with a variety of dishes. Their freshness and subtle fruit notes make them ideal as an aperitif and to accompany light starters such as seafood, fresh salads and fruit-based appetizers. Additionally, their refreshing and balanced acidity makes them an excellent choice for fish and seafood dishes, as well as Mediterranean cuisine, including paella and tapas. They can also be enjoyed with soft cheeses and desserts with citrus fruits.


In short, Macabeu sparkling wines are a versatile and refreshing choice that enhances a wide range of flavors at the table, from light dishes to more substantial options.


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