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The Cariñena grape variety, also known as Mazuela or Carignan, is used in the production of distinctive fortified wines. This grape is characterized by its resistance and ability to adapt to different climatic conditions and soils.

What is the Cariñena grape variety like?

The wines generated from the Cariñena have an intense and deep color, with red and purple tones. On the nose, they usually exhibit intense aromas of ripe black fruits, such as blackberries and plums, as well as spicy and earthy notes. On the palate, they stand out for their body and structure, with firm tannins and balanced acidity. Generous wines made with Cariñena are known for their intensity, concentrated flavor and aging capacity. They can develop tertiary notes such as leather, tobacco, and wood over time. These wines are versatile in pairing and can complement dishes of roasted red meats, stews, and cured cheeses. Its robust and complex character pairs perfectly with the deep flavors and rich sauces of these dishes.


In summary, the Cariñena grape variety is appreciated for its ability to produce fortified red wines of great character, fruit intensity, robust structure and aging potential, providing a complex and rewarding wine experience.

What do Cariñena Generous wines pair with?

Fortified wines made from the Cariñena grape variety, also known as Mazuela or Carignan, are ideal companions for a variety of intense and flavorful dishes. Their robust body, firm tannins, and concentrated flavors make them excellent companions to roasted or grilled red meats, such as a juicy beef steak or lamb stew, bringing out the deep flavors of the meat. They are also an excellent choice for stews and game dishes, such as wild boar or venison, where their structure and flavor are complemented by the intensity of the ingredients. Cariñena wines can also pair well with cured and aged cheeses, such as Manchego cheese or aged cheddar, as their structure and flavor are balanced by the intensity of the cheese. In addition, their complexity and spicy notes make them suitable for dishes with seasonings and spices, such as Mediterranean dishes or dishes with smoky flavors.


In summary, Cariñena fortified wines offer a wide range of pairing options, from roasted red meats to stews, cured cheeses and seasoned dishes, providing an intense and rewarding gastronomic experience.


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