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Cassis liqueurs

Cassis liqueurs are alcoholic beverages made from black currants, also known as cassis. These liqueurs have their origin in France and are characterized by their sweet, fruity, and slightly acid flavor.

How are cassis liqueurs made?

To make cassis liqueurs, ripe black currants are picked and macerated in alcohol, usually brandy or vodka, along with sugar. During the maceration process, which can last several weeks, the flavors and aromas of the currants are transferred to the alcohol, creating an intense and fruity cassis liqueur. After the mash, the mixture is filtered to remove any sediment and the sweetness level is adjusted according to the desired recipe. Finally, the cassis liqueur is bottled, ready to be enjoyed neat, used in cocktails or as an ingredient in desserts.


The key to a quality cassis liqueur lies in using fresh, ripe blackcurrants, and carefully controlling the maceration process to achieve the right balance of flavours.

What flavors does cassis liqueur have?

Cassis liqueur is characterized by its sweet, fruity, and slightly acid flavor. When tasting it, you can appreciate the intense and distinctive notes of black currants, which offer a balance between sweetness and acidity. The main flavor is that of ripe currants, with its fruity and juicy character. Cassis liqueur can also have dark berry undertones and a subtle cool sensation. In addition, its aroma is captivating and evokes the essence of black currants.


In general, the cassis liqueur is a delight for the palate, providing a fruity experience full of intense and balanced flavors.

How to enjoy cassis liqueur?

Cassis liqueur offers various forms of enjoyment to satisfy different preferences. One of the most common options is to serve it neat, in a small glass or liquor glass, at room temperature. This allows you to fully appreciate its sweet and fruity flavor, slowly enjoying its nuances and intense flavors.

It can also be enjoyed by mixing the cassis liqueur with dry white wine to create the classic Kir cocktail, or with champagne to make an elegant Kir Royale. These combinations enhance the fruitiness of cassis and create a refreshing and sophisticated experience.

In addition, cassis liqueur can be used as an ingredient in the preparation of desserts, such as crepes, ice creams or cakes, adding a fruity and sweet touch.


The versatility of cassis liqueur allows you to explore different ways of enjoying it, either alone, in cocktails or in delicious desserts, adapting to each occasion and palate.

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