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Why are rosé wines of Navarra so well known?

Rosé wines of Navarra Denomination of Origin are recognized for their intense and bright colour, as well as for their fresh and fruity flavour. The privileged climate and soils of the region provide an ideal environment for the cultivation of Garnacha and Tempranillo grapes, which are used in the production of these wines.

  • What is the tasting note for rosé wines from Navarra?

    On the nose, the rosé wines from Navarra offer aromas of red fruits such as strawberries, cherries, and raspberries, with a touch of fresh flowers. On the palate, its flavour is smooth and balanced, with refreshing acidity and a pleasant sensation on the palate.

    What is the production process of the Rosé Wines D.O. Navarra?

    The production process of rosé wines D.O. Navarra is like that of red wines, but with some important differences. First, the Garnacha and Tempranillo grapes are selected, which are the most widely used varieties in the region to produce rosé wines.

    What happens once the grapes have been harvested?

    Once the grapes have been harvested, a short maceration takes place, lasting a few hours, to extract the colour and aromas of the grape skins. Next, the grapes are pressed to separate the must from the rest of the components.

    How is the must of the grapes for rosé wines from Navarra fermented?

    The must of the grapes obtained is fermented in stainless steel tanks or in oak barrels at a low temperature, to preserve the fresh and fruity aromas and flavours. The fermentation process can last several weeks, depending on the temperature and environmental conditions.

  • How long do Navarrese wines rest?

    Once the fermentation is finished, the wine is left to rest for a few months, so that the aromas and flavours integrate and balance. After this maturation process, the wine is bottled and left to age for a few more months in the bottle, before being marketed.

    What pairing works with D.O. Navarra rosé wines?

    Navarra's rosé wines are very versatile in pairing and can be combined with a wide variety of dishes, from salads to grilled meats. In addition, they are an excellent option to drink alone on a summer afternoon or to share with friends at an informal dinner. In short, the rosé wines of Navarra are a jewel of Spanish viticulture that you cannot miss.


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