White Wines Albariño

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White Wines Albariño

Albariño white grape type is native from Galicia. With a high elevated production and the well treatment that receives is the grape of Galicia land. The productors obtain an incredible must. There can also be found at Portugal, Francia, California, Argentina, New Zeland,or Australia. No matter how much this variety is found wherever, Galicia is where It gets the maximum expressive brilliance.

  • What makes Albariño so special?

    By the mere fact of being in Galicia, with a granitic wet terror due to the proximity of Atlantic Ocean. The creation of D.O. Rias Baixas white wines let these wines improve the organization and quality of the wines of this zone. Their vineyards grow and are potentially fertile to obtain generalized benefits in all of the Denomination wineries.

    What are the characteristics of Albariño grape type?

    Albariño variety is so expressive, versatile and great personality with marked aromas and textures. It is particularly citric, incisive and mineral, fruity, aromatic, sensual and unctuous. Producing white fruity wines, makes it easier to find different savours: citric, white fruit or mature fruits. The reputation of this wines is so important on mono varietal wines or coupages ones that gives freshness and aromatical intensity. White fresh wines have huge ageing potential with a controlled use of the barrel. They are so easy to distinguish than the rest of the wines due to the capacity of creating electrical, surprising, delicate, and elegant white albariño wines.

  • Which are the white Albariño wines that can be found at LaVinateria?

    Albariño white wines that LaVinateria selects are quality and cheap wines from wine cellars like: Abadía da Cova, Viña Nora, Martín Códax Wines, Castell d’Encús, Mar de Frades or Pazos de Lusco are some examples. 


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