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Reserva rosé wines are the result of a meticulous production process and prolonged aging that gives them distinctive qualities. These wines are obtained mainly from red grapes, although the use of white varieties is also allowed in some regions.

How are Reserva rosé wines made?

Reserva rosé wines are made with a careful process that combines the selection of high-quality grapes and meticulous vinification. First, specific grapes are chosen, generally red varieties, that have ideal characteristics to produce rosé wines. After harvesting, the grapes are destemmed and briefly macerated with their skins to obtain the desired color and flavors. Fermentation occurs at controlled temperatures to preserve fruit aromas and freshness. Subsequently, the wine is transferred to oak barrels where it ages for a long period, providing complexity, structure, and smoothness.

This barrel aging process allows the Reserva rosé wine to acquire greater elegance, balance and aging capacity, resulting in a refined and sophisticated drink.

What are Reserva rosé wines like?

Reserva rosé wines are distinguished by their elegance and complexity, the result of a careful production process. With a more intense and deeper hue than standard rosés, these wines usually exhibit shades of copper or dark salmon. On the nose, they display a sophisticated aromatic range, where ripe red fruits intertwine with floral notes and subtle touches of spices. Its passage through the barrel provides a firm structure and a silky texture to the palate, while the well-balanced acidity enhances the freshness and prolongs the finish.

Reserva rosé wines are prized for their ability to age, developing greater complexity and elegance over time, making them a refined choice for those seeking distinctive wine experiences.


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