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Red Wines Merlot

Merlot grape-type variety is one of the most used varieties all over the world. It’s considered as well grown variety getting tannical, elegance and powerful colour. Merlot variety comes from the south of France, Bordeaux. It is like Cabernet Franc and practically identical as Carmenere and the Cabernet Sauvignon variety. We also find monovarietal wines from Navarra, Castella – La Mancha, Catalunya, and Extremadura.

How is the taste of Merlot red wines?

Merlot grape type produces well coloured and aromatical wines. With violet tones that mark the cusp of the varietal elegance. Their path through the mouth is perfect with great power and unique savour. Merlot red wines age well, although they need less ageing time than Cabernet varieties. Merlot red wines are rounded, with body and a great alcoholic degree. Their tannins are soft, and the wine doesn’t have to be aged for a long time. The Merlot red wines have an enormous gastronomical combination, so it’s usual to find Merlot red wines pairing with some different dishes.

Which are the wineries that can be found at LaVinateria?

Merlot red wines have extended everywhere, here at LaVinateria you will find the best Merlot red wines from France, Catalunya, Spain, California and Italy. LaVinateria have a great selection of the best Merlot red wines to all type of different dishes. The best Merlot red wines to gift, the best red wines to drink at the afternoon with friends or family. The wine cellars that highlight most are Agrícola Sant Josep, Enate, Castell d’Encús, Albet i Noya, Hugas de Batlle, Jordi Miró, Martí Fabra, Avgvstvs Forvm, Chateau Bourgneuf, La Dauphine, Enrique Mendoza, Jean León, lavinyeta, Juvé&Camps, Mas Llunes o Viñas del Vero. This are some examples of some wines that can be found at LaVinateria.


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