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The Merlot grape variety is a red variety widely known and cultivated throughout the world. Originally from the Bordeaux region of France, the Merlot grape has spread to numerous wine regions due to its adaptability and popularity with consumers.

  • What is the Merlot grape variety like?

    Merlot grape clusters are medium in size and compact, with thin-skinned grapes that produce deep red wines. Wines made from Merlot are usually smooth and silky on the palate, with moderate tannins and balanced acidity. Its aromatic profile stands out for notes of ripe fruits such as plums, cherries, and blackberries, accompanied by subtle herbaceous and spicy nuances. The versatility of the Merlot grape is reflected in its ability to adapt to different winemaking styles, from young and fresh wines to more structured examples suitable for ageing. In short, the Merlot grape variety is known for producing smooth, silky, and aromatic red wines, which have gained popularity around the world for their versatility and overall appeal.

  • What do Merlot red wines pair with?

    Red wines made from the Merlot grape variety pair excellently with a wide range of dishes. Their smoothness and balance make them a versatile choice for pairing. Merlot wines pair especially well with red meats, such as beef, lamb or pork, bringing out the juicy flavors and complementing the texture of the meat. They also complement poultry, such as chicken or duck, and can pair with pasta dishes in mild sauces. In addition, Merlot wines are a good option for medium intensity cheeses, such as cheddar cheese or Gouda cheese. They soften the flavors and bring balance to the combination. As for vegetarian dishes, Merlot wines can pair with options such as vegetable lasagna, mushroom risotto or dishes based on roasted aubergines, adding an additional dimension to the flavors of vegetables.

    In short, Merlot red wines are a versatile and accessible choice for pairing. They complement well with red meat, poultry, pasta dishes and medium intensity cheeses. Their softness and balance make them suitable for a variety of culinary options, providing a pleasant dining experience.


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