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Rancid generous wines are a special category of fortified wines that are characterized by their prolonged aging and development of unique flavors and aromas. These wines are called "rancid" due to controlled oxidation and the influence of time on their organoleptic profile.

What characteristics do Rancio Fortified wines have?

Rancid fortified wines go through a controlled oxidation process for several years in oak barrels, which gives them their "rancid" characteristic and a wide range of distinctive flavors and aromas. They can exhibit notes of walnuts, hazelnuts, dried fruits, and tertiary nuances such as leather and tobacco. Although some may have residual sweetness, they are often balanced with some acidity present, giving them remarkable structure and freshness. Rancid fortified wines are a fascinating option for those looking for complex and evolved flavors, and can be paired with aged cheeses, elaborate desserts or enjoyed on their own as meditation wines.


In short, Rancio generous wines are unique and captivating wine jewels, appreciated for their complexity and for offering an exceptional taste experience.

What do we accompany Rancio Fortified wines with?

Rancid fortified wines are an excellent choice to accompany a variety of dishes and special moments. Their complexity and unique flavors make them ideal companions for rich, aged cheeses, such as blue cheese or Parmesan cheese. They also complement nicely with elaborate desserts, such as pecan pies, apple pie, or dark chocolate. In addition, they are a fascinating option to taste alone, as meditation wines, allowing you to appreciate their evolution and complexity in each sip. Rancid generous wines are a complete sensory experience and offer moments of enjoyment and contemplation.


In short, Rancio fortified wines are a captivating and versatile choice, providing a unique and memorable taste experience.


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