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Red Wines Tempranillo

Tempranillo grape type variety is native from La Rioja, but it also highlights on some other zones like Ribera del Duero, where it’s known as Tinto Fino or Tinot del País, at Catalunya is Ull de Llebre, and Madrid knows it as Tinto de Toro. It has different names, but the grape type is nearly the same. It doesn’t matter if there are Tempranillo red wines, Tinto Fino red wines, Tinto del País red wines, Ull de Llebre red wines or Tinto de Toro red wines.

What’s the Tempranillo variety like?

As the name indicates, Tempranillo is one of the first varieties to mature. This grape type adapts perfectly to the Ribera del Duero and Rioja climates. Tempranillo red wines are normally mixed with varieties like Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon. Tempranillo is a versatile grape type to produce young red Tempranillo wines, red Crianza Tempranillo wines or red Gran Reserve Tempranillo wines. Tempranillo red wines have an intense and characteristic colour that evolves from purple to maroon. Its savour variates depending on the time the wine is aged on barrel or on bottle. These wines have particularly owned aromas that reminds of fruits, cocoa, and vanilla. In fact, the aromatical variety of Tempranillo red wines is incredibly huge and at the time we taste it, we realize that they combine perfectly with oak making a softy entrance at mouth.

What do Tempranillo red wines pair with?

Being fruity red wines are usually used to go well with red meat and hunting meat. These wines are also pairing well with cheese but only the silkiest ones. As red Tempranillo wines have different ageing allows diverse tastings and dishes.


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