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The rosé wines with Designation of Origin Empordà come from the Empordà wine region, located in the province of Girona, in the autonomous community of Catalonia. This coastal and Mediterranean area is known for producing high-quality wines, and rosés are no exception.

  • What grape varieties can we find in the rosé wines of l'Empordà?

    In Empordà rosé wines, we find an interesting combination of grape varieties that provide different characteristics to the wine. Among the most common varieties are Garnacha (Grenache), which provides fruit flavors and smoothness on the palate, and Cariñena (Carignan), which contributes a more solid structure and body. Other indigenous and Mediterranean varieties are also used, such as Tempranillo and Syrah, adding nuance and complexity to the flavor profile. This selection of grapes makes it possible to obtain rosé wines from l'Empordà with remarkable freshness and balance, highlighting the essence of the terroir and the viticultural richness of this exciting region of Catalonia.

    How are rosé wines from l'Empordà made?

    The rosé wines of l'Empordà are made following a process that seeks to highlight the freshness and liveliness of this category. After the harvest, the grapes are carefully selected, which may include varieties such as Garnacha, Cariñena, Tempranillo and Syrah, among others. The grapes are destemmed and gently pressed to extract the juice with brief contact with the skins, which gives it its characteristic pink color. Fermentation takes place at controlled temperatures, which preserves the fruity aromas and flavors. After fermentation, the wine is stabilized and clarified to remove impurities before being bottled. The result is a rosé wine from l'Empordà, with a bright color and fruity aromas, which stands out for its freshness and balance on the palate. These wines are a delicious expression of the terroir of l'Empordà, reflecting the viticultural richness and the Mediterranean character of this charming region of Catalonia.

  • Which dishes pair well with rosé wines of l'Empordà?

    The rosé wines of l'Empordà are excellent gastronomic companions and can pair with a wide variety of dishes. Their freshness and liveliness make them especially suitable to accompany light and fresh meals such as salads, shellfish, fish, and Mediterranean dishes. They are also a wise choice to enjoy with appetizers, tapas, and Mediterranean dishes, such as paella, gazpacho, or rice-based dishes. In addition, their versatility allows them to harmonize with Asian cuisine, sushi, spicy dishes, and even spicy cuisine. With their lovely balance and fruity flavors, the rosé wines of l'Empordà enhance and complement the flavors of a variety of dishes, making them a perfect choice for moments of culinary enjoyment and celebration.


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