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What characteristics are those that define the type of aging of white wines?

White wines for aging are those that have gone through a period of maturation and aging before being marketed. In this category, we find different classifications that determine the duration and characteristics of this process, such as Crianza, gran reserva, young, young with crianza, and reserva.

  • What are the particularities of Crianza white wines?

    The aging of white wines involves a period of aging in oak barrels. During this stage, the wines acquire greater complexity and unique aromas and flavours develop thanks to the interaction with the wood. Barrel aging usually lasts at least 6 months for white wines, although this time may vary depending on the region and the specific regulations of each Denomination of Origin.

    What characteristics stand out in gran reserva white wines?

    The gran reserva classification is reserved for those white wines that have undergone a long period of aging both in barrels and in the bottle. These high-end white wines are typically aged in barrels for at least 12 months, followed by additional bottle aging time. Gran Reserva wines are characterized by their aromatic complexity and structure on the palate, offering a refined and elegant experience.

    Why are young white wines so popular?

    Young white wines are those that are bottled and marketed shortly after fermentation. These wines stand out for their freshness, liveliness, and the primary fruit flavours of the grape. They are wines that are enjoyed in their youth and stand out for their spontaneity and simplicity.

    What nuances stand out in young white wines?

    On the other hand, young aged white wines are an intermediate category between young wines and aged wines. These wines have gone through a short period of barrel aging, which gives them some subtle woody notes and greater complexity compared to traditional young wines. Young-aged wines combine the freshness and vitality of young wines with the additional nuances of barrel aging.

  • What is the difference between reserve white wines and other types of aging?

    Finally, the Reserva category applies to white wines that have undergone a longer aging period than young and young-aged wines, but less than gran reserva wines. These wines are usually aged in barrels for at least 6 months and an additional period of aging in the bottle. Reserve wines have greater aromatic complexity and a more balanced structure, offering a balance between freshness and evolution on the palate.

    Why buy white wines at LaVinateria's online wine store?

    In conclusion, aging white wines offer us a wide variety of options in terms of complexity and flavors. From fresh and vibrant young wines to elegant and sophisticated Gran Reserva wines, each category has its own characteristics and attractions. The choice of a white wine for aging will depend on the personal taste of each consumer and the moment of consumption, either to enjoy a fresh youth or the complexity provided by aging.


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