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How is rum produced in Jamaica?

Rum is an important drink in Jamaica, and rum production on the island dates to colonial times. The Jamaican rum production process begins with the selection of sugar cane, which is cut and ground to extract the juice from the cane. This juice undergoes fermentation to produce molasses, which is the raw material for the distillation of rum. Distillation is carried out in traditional copper stills, which are known as "pot stills". Most Jamaican rums are distilled twice, giving them a unique and complex flavour. Additionally, Jamaican rums are often aged in oak barrels, which give them an even more distinctive flavour.

What distinctive characteristics does Jamaican rum have?

Jamaican rum is characterized by having a strong, intense, and complex flavour. Jamaican rums typically have notes of banana, coconut, pineapple, vanilla, and spices. It is also common for Jamaican rums to have a smoky and woody flavour, due to the use of oak barrels in the aging process.

Which Jamaican rum brands are the most popular?

Some of the most popular Jamaican rum brands are Appleton Estate, Wray & Nephew, Hampden Estate, and Myers's. Appleton Estate is one of Jamaica's oldest and most respected brands, with a wide range of high-quality rums. Wray & Nephew is known for its high proof white rum, which is used in many traditional Jamaican drinks. Hampden Estate is a boutique distillery that produces high-quality rums, while Myers's is known for its smooth, dark rum that is commonly used in cocktails.


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