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The Sauvignon Blanc grape variety, primarily recognized for its use in the production of dry and refreshing white wines, can also be used to make sweet wines to a lesser extent.

What is the Sauvignon Blanc grape variety like?

Sauvignon Blanc sweet wines have distinctive characteristics that make them unique. These wines stand out for their pale golden color and their balance between sweetness and acidity, which gives them a pleasant freshness on the palate. In terms of aromas and flavors, they typically display a wide range of notes, ranging from citrus like lemon and grapefruit to tropical fruits like passion fruit and mango. In addition, they can present herbaceous, floral, and mineral nuances. Sweet Sauvignon Blanc wines offer a complex and refreshing sensory experience, with their combination of sweetness, acidity, and a rich palette of flavours.

What do sweet Sauvignon Blanc wines pair with?

Sweet Sauvignon Blanc wines are a versatile choice to pair with a variety of dishes and desserts. Their balance between sweetness and acidity makes them a pleasant option to accompany different types of food. They pair well with citrus desserts, such as lemon tarts or grapefruit sorbets, as the acidity of the wine balances the sweetness and brings out the citrus flavors. They are also an excellent option to accompany tropical fruit-based desserts, such as caramelized pineapple or passion fruit soufflé since the tropical flavors enhance each other. In addition, sweet Sauvignon Blanc wines can pair with soft and creamy cheeses, such as fresh goat cheese or brie, creating a harmonious combination of flavors.


In general, sweet Sauvignon Blanc wines offer a refreshing and versatile pairing experience, enhancing the flavors of desserts and cheeses with their balance of sweetness and acidity.


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