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Organic red wines are those that are produced following environmentally friendly practices and avoiding the use of synthetic chemicals.

How are organic red wines made?

Organic red wines are produced following environmentally friendly practices. In its preparation, the use of synthetic chemicals in the cultivation of vineyards is avoided, opting for natural methods to control pests and diseases. During winemaking, handling is minimized, and native yeasts are used for fermentation. The aim is to preserve the authenticity of the grape and the terroir, and artificial additives are avoided.


In short, these wines stand out for their sustainability and the genuine expression of nature in each step of their production process.

What are organic red wines like?

Organic red wines are characterized by their authenticity and reflection of the natural environment. These wines tend to exhibit great freshness and vitality, with flavors that are pure and genuine due to the sustainable agricultural practices used in their cultivation. As for color, they usually show vibrant and deep tones that vary according to the grape variety and the region of production. In terms of aromas, these wines often feature a range of fruity and floral notes, along with earthy and mineral undertones, reflecting the influence of soil and climate. The absence of synthetic chemicals in its production allows the natural aromas of the grapes and their environment to be more prominent, creating an authentic and pleasant sensory experience.

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