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The wine cellars and productors of D.O. Penedès are constantly innovating and trying to recover different varieties that have been lost over the last few decades. They try to boost new tendencies and tastes. We find the D.O. Penedès near the regions of Garraf, Baix and Alt Empordà. It is located at the West side of Barcelona and near the coast. They dispose a great extension of territory dedicated to the crop of viticulture to obtain the best red wines of the zone. They have a Mediterranean climate through most part of their territory but some of the highest parts have a continental climate.

Which type of rosé wines does D.O. Penedès offer?

The D.O. Penedès have a great spectrum of savours and different wines due to their huge variety of zones and ground typologies that can be found on their territory. These rosé wines are used to be scented and fruity with very light and bright colours. D.O. Penedès is known to have some needle wines. It’s important to know that the differentiation of each one of these wines comes from the subzones established inside the D.O. Penedès. D.O. Penedès rosé wines are known to be 100% ecological. These wines are treated with sensitivity and sustainability during the entire production time. The number of wine cellars with the certificate of the Catalan Council of the Agrarian and Ecological Production is increasing every day and therefore they have invested heavily in the ecological production of the vineyards.

Which wineries highlight from D.O. Penedès?

Starting from de base that all the wineries of this Denomination have an enormous level wine production and at La Vinateria you will be able to find copies of Albet and Noya, Avgvstvs Forvm, Eudald Massana, Gramona, Jean Leon, Juvé&Camps, Mas Codina, Rovellats or Sumarroca.


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