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Rosé Wines Tempranillo

Tempranillo grape type it’s quintessentially the most renowned variety of La Rioja, although it can also be found on others 38 origin denominations. The winegrowing culture finds Tempranillo as a very important variety due to its versatility, peculiarity, and easy adaptation. The clusters of Tempranillo grape type are huge and generous with a great dependence of the sunlight to mature correctly and produce this splendorous fruit.

  • How are these tempranillo rosé wines?

    It’s a dark colour fruit, with violet shades that can change as it matures. The must that produce is equilibrated talking about sugar and colour, the acidity is a little bit low. Tempranillo rosé wines have a plate palate, interesting on young and velvety on ageing. Tempranillo rosé wines are structured and with an aged possibility. There can be found fruity smelly notes like the ones that the berries give. Tempranillo variety highlight due to the corpulent red wines, slight and delicate that can be edged inside oak barrels.

  • Which wineries does LaVinateria highlight?

    Tempranillo grape type is so extended over the Spaniard regions that you can found so many wine cellars on our website different than AbadíaRetuerta, Agrícola Sant Josep, Otto Bestué, Enate, Ramón Bilbao, Vega Sicília, C.V.N.E, Celler Albet i Noya, we also dispose some other types of wine that are perfect to gift, to drink up or to enjoy whenever you want to.

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