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Sparkling wines made with the Pinot Noir grape variety are appreciated for their elegance, complexity, and fruity flavor.

What is the Pinot Noir grape variety like?

The Pinot Noir grape variety is known as the "queen of red grapes" due to its elegance and complexity. This red strain, native to the Burgundy region of France, produces light to medium red wines with a wide aromatic palette that ranges from red fruits such as cherries and raspberries to floral and earthy touches. On the palate, Pinot Noir wines are smooth, with fine tannins and balanced acidity, making them a versatile choice that can pair with a variety of dishes.

What do Pinot Noir sparkling wines pair with?

Sparkling wines made from the Pinot Noir grape variety are a versatile choice and pair well with a variety of dishes. Their elegance and fruity notes make them ideal to accompany poultry dishes, such as chicken or turkey, as well as fatty fish such as salmon. In addition, they are a classic choice to pair with soft and creamy cheeses, especially brie or camembert. Their balanced acidity also makes them suitable as an aperitif or to enjoy with light dishes such as fresh salads and seafood.


In short, Pinot Noir sparkling wines are a sophisticated and versatile option that can enhance a wide range of flavors at the table.


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