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Discover our packs: Gifts with wine and beer to surprise.

In our wide selection of packs, you will find perfect options to give wine and beer, ideal for all special occasions. Gift wine packs are an exceptional way to celebrate unique moments and surprise your loved ones. With a careful selection of high-quality wines, these packs offer a variety of flavours and styles to satisfy all tastes and preferences. From the intense and elegant reds to the refreshing and aromatic whites, each bottle tells a story and offers a unique sensory experience.

What types of packs can you buy at LaVinateria?

In the LaVinateria packs category you will find a wide selection of beverage packs that will allow you to enjoy and share unique moments with your loved ones. Our variety of packs includes options for everyone, from wine lovers to beer and spirits enthusiasts.

Why buy wine packs at the LaVinateria wine store?

Starting with our wine packs, we offer you a careful combination of the best vines and wineries, perfect for those who want to explore new oenological experiences. Each pack has been expertly selected to provide a unique sensory experience and ensure that you find the perfect harmony between body, aroma, and flavour.

Why give wine?

Giving wine and beer with our carefully designed packs is a way to share special moments and create lasting memories. Whether it is for a birthday, anniversary, gratitude or any other celebration, our packs are an ideal option that combines the pleasure of tasting exceptional wines and beers with the art of giving. Surprise your loved ones with a unique and memorable gift that will allow them to enjoy special moments and discover new flavours.

Are the cava packs ideal for celebrating?

If what you are looking for is a touch of celebration and sophistication, our cava packs are the ideal choice. Coming from the best wineries, these exceptional quality sparkling wines will give you bubbles full of joy for all kinds of special occasions.

What gift packs can you buy at LaVinateria?

For those who wish to surprise and excite, we have packs specially designed to give as gifts. From elegant wine cases to presentation boxes with a variety of spirits, these packs are the perfect option to give to your loved ones on birthdays, anniversaries or simply to express your appreciation.

Are there vodka packs, whiskey packs or gin packs?

And if you are a lover of distillates, do not miss our exclusive selection of whiskey, vodka and gin packs. Immerse yourself in the wealth of flavours and aromas that each pack offers and discover the versatility and quality of these spirits.

What packs of beers do you have?

Are you a beer fan? Then you will love our beer packs. We've prepared blends of renowned and craft beers that will take you on a journey through different styles and flavours, from refreshing Lagers to intense Ales.

Why buy liquor packs at the LaVinateria liquor store?

And if you are looking for an even greater variety of options, explore our various liquor packs that include a selection of brands and flavours to suit all palates. From classic spirits to the latest trends in mixology, here you will find everything you need to prepare the most delicious cocktails.

When to buy miniature packs?

Also, for the curious and those who want to try different options before deciding on a large bottle, our miniature packs are the perfect option. Discover new drinks, experiment with different cocktails, and find your favourites before investing in a standard-size bottle.

Why buy any of the packs that we have in the LaVinateria online store?

At LaVinateria, we believe that quality does not have to be expensive, which is why all of our drink packs are offered at very low prices, allowing you to enjoy an unbeatable experience without spending a fortune. In addition, as they are packs designed with each occasion in mind, we save you time and effort when choosing the best combinations for you. So, if you are looking for a way to surprise your loved ones or simply want to delight your own palate with the best of drinks, explore our category of packs. We guarantee that you will find the perfect choice for each special moment. Take advantage of our wide variety and discover a world of flavors in each pack!


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