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Red Wines Malbec

The origin of Malbec grape type is found in France, over the Cahors Region. While the times passes by, this Malbec red variety has been extended through the world: Argentina, Spain and also California. This grape type needs sunny weather where the thermal range is pronounced. Malbec bunches are medium height, with a conical form and very compact. The colour is practically black with blue tones, the skin is thin and the grapes are very generous.

How are this red Malbec wines?

Although this grape type has been losing cultivating hectares through some of the working zones, it’s a very renowned variety. It presents a red intense colour and we usually find it as an optional variety coupage. Malbec variety produces red wines with pleasant savours, structured body and earthy notes. As we said it has an intense red, violet colour and a vigorous texture and savour. At the palate we can find rustical reminds. Red Malbec wines, specifically the French ones have abundant and strong tannins.

Which wines highlight from this Malbec variety?

Buying Malbec red wines is not an easy job, each time are more complicated to find but at LaVinateria you’ll find the best red Malbec wines at the best price. Our Malbec Red wines selection is based on Bodegas Fontana, Château de Carles y Marimar Estate. Some of them are coupages and others just use the Malbec variety.


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