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Do you know the Malbec grape variety?

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Where is Malbec grown?

Malbec is a red grape variety originally from France but acclaimed in Argentina, where it has achieved worldwide recognition. These grapes are characterized by their small size and oval shape, with thick, dark-coloured skin that varies from deep purple to bluish black.

What characteristics do Malbec wines have?

Malbec wines are known for their medium to full body and deep, intense colour. They display a wide range of fruit aromas, highlighting blackberries, plums, and black cherries, with subtle spicy notes and, on occasion, hints of violet. On the palate, they offer soft and round tannins, accompanied by a balanced acidity. Argentine Malbec wines stand out for their rich fruity expression and their smooth, silky texture.

What flavours do Malbec wines have?

It is important to mention that the flavour profiles and characteristics of Malbec wine can vary depending on the terroir and the winemaking techniques used. Overall, however, Malbec wines offer a pleasurable wine experience and are a perfect choice for those looking for intense, fruity red wines.

When to drink Malbec red wine?

When it comes to pairings, Malbec red wines are versatile and complement a variety of dishes beautifully. From grilled red meats, such as beef steaks, pork ribs, or roast lamb, to game dishes and hard, mature cheeses, Malbec wines enhance flavours and bring balance to each bite.

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