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What is Black Friday?

It's the best time to buy everything you want: red wines, rosé wines, white wines, all kinds of spirits, spirits or beers. You will find the best sales and discounts on all types of wines for Black Friday. You better not miss this opportunity because this year the promotions will be incredible. Wine during Black Friday is much cheaper, and the quality is the same. Don't fall asleep and enter LaVinateria to see the offers on wines for Black Friday.

When is Black Friday at LaVinateria?

Black Friday is always celebrated the day after Thanksgiving. This year it will be November 24th. For many years now, stores and big brands have been taking advantage of this day to launch their wine offers. In addition, Christmas is approaching, a time of many gifts, family, and friends. Time to enjoy, drink and rest. Black Friday deals on wines and whiskeys from LaVinateria should be your priority.

What wines are on offer?

As the day gets closer, we will be adding more and more items to the selection of wines on offer for Black Friday. We will also make an exclusive discount code available to customers registered to receive Newsletters. We want you all to take advantage of this great opportunity.

Why are we offering wines and spirits on Black Friday?

Wine and spirits, be they whiskies, gins, rums, or other types of spirits, are perfect for Christmas gifts, birthdays or to drink with the whole family. At LaVinateria we know that you all like to enjoy the long tables during these much-celebrated dates. That's why we offer the best of Black Friday in wines, Black Friday in whiskeys and Black Friday in champagnes.

Do LaVinateria's sales conditions change for Black Friday?

For nothing in the world. We continue with the same cancellation and purchase policies. Probably with the high volume of sales that is estimated, both on our part and by the transport agencies, some orders may suffer some delay. We hope you will understand this situation and be a little more patient than usual. However, we are always available to answer your queries and questions.

What if I need help during the purchase?

Our customer service is available to all of you from Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. You can also call us on 972 864 660, contact us by mail through We will try to satisfy all your needs and doubts. Thank you for your trust during these days.

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