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Rosé Wines D.O. Priorat

Priorat region highlights to be dry, rough, and impossible to have the elevate production they obtain. With the Ebre in the South and limited by the Montsant Mountains we find Origin Qualified Denomination of Priorat. Everything started at monasteries where nuns introduced the population to the culture of wine production. As the time went by, they stablished on rural centres to cultivate their vineyards. The renovation of the wines and vineyards took place over the eighties, so they used foreign varieties, new barrels, and prepared producers to obtain the best Priorat wines.

What are red Priorat wines like?

D.O. Montsant wraps up D.O.Q Priorat, this fact makes it impossible to spread out. During the last years they have been innovating on productive techniques and sales to improve on their winery quality of their wine cellars plus their identity. Priorat Red Wines productors have the habit of being faithful to their winery tradition. The most used grape types are Carinyena and Red Garnatxa that combined obtain splendorous red wines from Priorat with an elegant red colour, sturdy and with intense savour and aroma. The Denomination has been also using varieties like Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. The smell reminds of mature fruit, and they have mineral marked notes. The best red Priorat wines are complex, aged and with a giant range of different aroma. Priorat red wines are structured on mouth, with a sublime fineness.

Which are the wineries that highlight most at Priorat?

At LaVinateria we highlight Scala Dei, Vall Llach, Clos Galena, Vinícola del Priorat, Ferrer Bobet and Celler Ritme. These are the best wine cellars that produce red Priorat wines, all of them at a good price, very economical. The best red wines to gift can be found at LaVinateria.


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