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The designation "V.T. Castilla y León" are wines produced in the autonomous community of Castilla y León, in Spain. Unlike wines with designation of origin (D.O.), wines under the V.T. Castilla y León are not subject to the specific regulations of a specific appellation of origin.

What grape varieties do we find in V.T. Castile and Leon?

In the Castilla y León region, rosé wines are made using various varieties of red grapes. Some of the most used grapes are Tempranillo, Garnacha, Mencía, Prieto Picudo and other local varieties. Each producer can choose the grapes that best suit their vineyards and oenological preferences.

How are V.T. Castile and Leon?

The production of rosé wines V.T. Castilla y León largely follows the traditional process of short maceration, where the grapes are left in contact with the skins for a brief period to obtain the characteristic pink color and desired flavors. The must is then separated from the solids and fermentation takes place, which can take place in stainless steel tanks or in oak barrels, depending on the style of wine to be produced.

With what can we accompany the rosé wines V.T. Castile and Leon?

The rosé wines V.T. Castilla y León usually stands out for its freshness, fruit flavors and balanced acidity. They are versatile wines that can accompany a wide range of dishes, from sausages and cheeses to fish, shellfish, and white meats. They are also an excellent option to enjoy as an aperitif in informal moments or in social gatherings.


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