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Brut Nature cava is a cava that has no added sugars. The percentage of sugars is between 0 and 3% natural sugars. At LaVinateria we have the best local cavas from the best wineries for all tastes and all needs. We have limited edition Brut Nature cavas and many novelties. Brut Nature cavas are perfect for gifting and are sure to be exactly what you're looking for.

  • What are the characteristics of Brut Nature cava?

    Leaving aside the very small percentage of sugars that these types of Brut Nature cavas have. Caves Brut Nature are intense with acidity and freshness for drier palates.

    What types of Brut Nature cava are there?

    As with the rest of the cavas, the classification of cavas according to aging is of three types: guard cavas, the youngest aged for a minimum of 9 months in the bottle. They are very light and fruity cavas. Cavas Reserva that are preserved for 18 months in a bottle that is distinguished by having a lot of bubbles and very intense aromas. Finally, the Gran Reserva Cavas that age in bottle for a minimum of 30 months have very complex aromas and flavors.

    What dishes pair well with Brut Nature cavas?

    They work perfectly with all kinds of salty appetizers, leaving aside blue cheeses and foie.

  • What is special about Brut Nature cavas?

    They are the purest and freshest cavas that can be produced. Perfect to accompany all the meals of a lunch or dinner from beginning to end. At LaVinateria you can buy the best Brut Nature cavas and the cheapest Brut Nature cavas. They are cavas to give as gifts or to toast on any occasion. Brut Nature cavas do not disappoint anyone. We have a wide selection of Brut Nature cava from wineries such as: Alta Alella, Martí Serdà, Eudald Massana, Gramona, Freixenet, Maria Casanovas, Oliveda, Parxet, Raimat, Recaredo, Rovellats or Torelló.


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