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White Wines A.O.C. Chablis

France have so many regions that are known for their winery production like Bourgogne, Saint-Bris, Côte d’Or or Champagne, this one is said that the monks that were living on the Chablis region introduced the Chardonnay grape type obtaining greatest winery zone of France. When it comes to vulnerable regions against hails and frosts over the years made it necessary to innovate and try not to lose vineyards.

How are white Chablis wines?

White A.O.C. Chablis have a pale-yellow colour with a brilliant green. They are elaborated with the Chardonnay variety and have mineral aromas with soft and fruity savour. White Chablis wines are used to age on cement tanks or steel tanks, but later these wines are moved to barrels and subdued to the malolactic fermentation.

Which are the different types of white Chablis wines that can be found on this region?

White Chablis wines have a great ageing potential. That’s why there exist 4 different types of aged white wines from Bourgogne region: white Chablis Grand Cru wines, that cover towns like Blanchot, Bougros, Grenouilles, Les Clos, Les Preuses, Valmur I Vaudésir. There can also be find White Premier Cru wines over 15 other towns to generate the 30% of the whole production. Afterwards there are some white Chablis wines to obtain the 60% of the production. At last, there is the Petit Chablis, over the worst grounds of the region.

Which are the wineries that can be found at LaVinateria?  

Above everything the wineries that highlight are Louis Latour and Régnard with a huge gamma of products with an amazing level. The best white Chablis wines are at LaVinateria. The white Chablis wines are the cheapest and the most economical.


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