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Red wines with DO Ribeira Sacra come from the wine region of the same name, located in Galicia, Spain. This denomination is recognized for its unique and exceptional red wines, produced on steep terraces along the valleys of the Miño River and the Sil River.

What red grape varieties are there in the DO Ribeira Sacra?

In the DO Ribeira Sacra, several red grape varieties are cultivated that contribute to the uniqueness and quality of its wines. The Mencía is the emblematic variety of the DO Ribeira Sacra. The Mencía grape produces red wines with a medium to full body, with intense aromas of red and black fruits, floral and spicy notes. Mencía wines are usually fresh, with balanced acidity and soft tannins. The Garnacha Tintorera is another important variety in the DO Ribeira Sacra. This juicy, red-fleshed grape provides colour, structure, and a remarkable concentration of flavours. Wines made with Garnacha Tintorera usually have notes of ripe fruit, spices, and firm tannins. In addition to these main varieties, other red grapes are also grown to a lesser extent in the DO Ribeira Sacra, such as Brancellao, Merenzao and Sousón. These grapes complement the blends and add additional nuances to the region's wines. Each red grape variety contributes its unique characteristics to the wine, and the combination of them allows the winegrowers and oenologists of the DO Ribeira Sacra create red wines of great diversity and complexity. The cool climate and steep terrace conditions of the region influence the distinctive character of the grapes and ultimately the profile of the DO Ribeira Sacra wines.

  • How are the red wines of D.O. Ribeira Sacra?

    The elaboration of the red wines of DO Ribeira Sacra follows a careful process to highlight the unique characteristics of the grapes grown in the region. The harvest is done manually, selecting the grapes at their optimum point of maturity. Since the vineyards in the Ribeira Sacra are usually on steep terraces and difficult to access, manual harvesting is essential to preserve the quality of the grapes. The grapes are destemmed to separate the clusters from the green parts of the cluster, such as the stems. Then, a gentle squeeze is carried out to release the must from the grapes, without breaking the seeds. The obtained must is fermented in stainless steel tanks or in wooden vats. During fermentation, naturally present or added yeasts convert the sugars in the must into alcohol, generating heat and releasing aromas and compounds that add complexity to the wine. During fermentation, a prolonged maceration can be carried out, where the fermented must is kept in contact with the skins and the seeds of the grape. This allows additional colour, tannins, and aroma compounds to be extracted, contributing to the structure and complexity of the wine. After fermentation and maceration, some red wines from DO Ribeira Sacra can go through a period of aging in oak barrels. Barrel aging brings notes of spices, vanilla, and toast to the wine, as well as greater softness and roundness.

    However, not all the wines of the DO Ribeira Sacra undergo barrel aging, as some are made to be young and fresh wines. If this were the case, the wine is bottled and can continue its aging process in the bottle. Some DO Ribeira Sacra benefit from bottle aging to develop their complexity and improve their structure. It is important to consider that the producers of the DO Ribeira Sacra may have their own winemaking techniques and methods, which can result in a variety of styles of red wines. However, in general, the production of red wines from the DO Ribeira Sacra focuses on highlighting the fruit expression, freshness and elegance of the grapes grown on the steep terraces and the unique climate of the region.

  • How can be paired the red wines of DO Ribeira Sacra?

    The red wines of DO Ribeira Sacra are versatile and offer a wide range of flavors and aromas that can be combined with various dishes. These wines are ideal for pairing with Galician cuisine, such as Galician octopus, meat empanadas or fresh seafood. They can also be enjoyed with white meats such as chicken or turkey, as well as game dishes such as rabbit or pheasant. Soft cheeses, such as tetilla cheese, also make an excellent company for DO red wines. Ribeira Sacra. In addition, their freshness and acidity make them suitable to accompany vegetarian dishes, such as mushroom risottos or stuffed aubergines. In summary, the red wines of DO Ribeira Sacrathey can accompany a wide variety of dishes, both from Galician cuisine and from other culinary styles, offering a complete and harmonious gastronomic experience.


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