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Frizzante rosé wines are a category of rosé wines that are characterized by having a moderate level of bubbles or carbonation, which gives them a slight effervescence. Although the word "frizzante" comes from Italian and means "sparkling" in Spanish, this term is commonly used in the wine world to describe this type of wine with smoother bubbles than those found in sparkling wine or champagne.

How are Frizzante rosé wines made?

Frizzante rosé wines are made using red grapes or a combination of red and white grapes. After selection and harvest, the grapes are pressed to extract the must, which is grape juice. The must then undergoes fermentation in closed tanks or in bottles, depending on the method chosen by the winemaker. If the closed tank fermentation method is used, carbon dioxide produced during fermentation remains trapped in the wine, creating the characteristic fizz of frizzante. If you opt for bottle fermentation, a little sugar and additional yeasts are added so that a second fermentation occurs inside the bottle, creating the natural bubbles. Once the desired carbonation level is reached, the wine is stabilized, filtered, and bottled under pressure to preserve the bubbles.


Frizzante rosé wines are characterized by their freshness, with a smooth effervescence and a range of fruity, floral, and spicy flavours, making them a popular and refreshing choice to enjoy on informal and festive occasions.

What are Frizzante rosé red wines like?

Frizzante rosé red wines are an interesting combination between red wines and rosé wines with a touch of effervescence. For its production, ripe red grapes are selected that undergo a short maceration process to extract the desired color. Then, the resulting must be fermented in closed tanks or in bottles with a small amount of sugar to generate a second fermentation and produce the natural bubbles. This process results in a rosé wine with a moderate level of carbonation, which gives it additional freshness and vivacity.


Frizzante rosé red wines exhibit fruity and juicy flavors, with hints of subtle spice, and smoothness on the palate, making them a versatile and refreshing option to enjoy on informal occasions, light pairings, or simply to share relaxed moments with friends and family. Their elegant effervescence makes them ideal as an aperitif or accompaniment to light meals, providing a distinctive and enjoyable wine experience.


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