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Red Wines A.O.C. Bordeaux

Red Bordeaux Wines are French wines from the Bordeaux Region at the South-West of France over the Aquitania zone. The wineries are usually found near the vineyards and are known as Château. Inside the same region can be distinguished 57 different origin denominations, for example Saint Emilion, where we find red A.O.C Saint Emilion wines. Above white and rosé wine, there are usually found red French Burdeos wines. This is a great region to cultivate vineyards thank to their gravel and clay soils. Garona, Dordonya and Gironda rivers are so close to the wine cellars, and they maintain a great level of winery production. The Bordeaux wine tradition goes back many years, where already, in its beginnings, the concept of terroir has always been so important to the productors of Bordeaux.

How are red Bordeaux wines?

The grape types that highlight are Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Carmenére and Merlot. All of them are used to create a huge variety of different white French wines A.O.C. Bordeaux: from mild and smooth wines with expressive reminds of fruit, to intense red wines with a great aromatic richness and round tannins and finding refined wines with personality and aromatical to keep their taste on mouth and nose. We find red fruit notes, coffee, strawberries, or forest fruits. Red Bordeaux wines are world-known and have an incredible winery level. At LaVinateria you will find red A.O.C. Bordeaux with a good price to value.

Which are the wine cellars that we highlight?

The different origin denominations that are part of the A.O.C. Bordeaux produce any types of wines, at LaVinateria we have red wines from Saint Emilion that is also found over the Bordeaux region.


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