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Moriles generous wines are a variety of fortified wines originating from the Montilla-Moriles region, in Spain. These wines are characterized by their intensity, complexity and albariza soils, which give them distinctive characteristics.

What characteristics do Generosos Moriles wines have?

Moriles fortified wines are fortified wines made mainly with the Pedro Ximénez (PX) grape, these wines have a high concentration of natural sugar and a rich and sweet flavor profile. Its aromas are usually intense, with notes of raisins, figs, dates and nuances of caramel and chocolate. On the palate, Moriles fortified wines offer a silky texture, balanced sweetness, and a long finish.


Moriles fortified wines are a delicious sample of the Montilla-Moriles winemaking tradition and a captivating option for those seeking intense and sophisticated taste experiences.

What do we accompany the Generosos Moriles wines with?

Moriles fortified wines are an exceptional choice to pair with a variety of dishes and desserts. Their intensity and distinctive flavors make them ideal companions for deep blue cheeses such as Roquefort or Stilton. They are also excellent to accompany rich and sweet desserts, such as fruit tarts, dark chocolate, or caramel desserts. In addition, their complex flavor profile and balanced sweetness make them perfect for pairing with international cuisine, such as spicy curries or even roast meats.


In summary, Moriles fortified wines offer a wide range of pairing possibilities, from intense cheeses to indulgent desserts and boldly flavored dishes, providing a sophisticated and rewarding gastronomic experience.


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