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Medium fortified wines, also known as medium fortified wines, are a category of fortified wines characterized by their balanced sweetness and moderate body. These wines are widely appreciated for their flavor profile and versatility.

What characteristics do Medium Fortified wines have?

Medium fortified wines are fortified wines that offer an intermediate level of sweetness, making them versatile and enjoyable for different tastes. With a smooth texture and moderate weight in the mouth, Medium fortified wines provide a balanced sensory experience. Regarding their flavor profile, they can exhibit notes of ripe fruits, such as plums and figs, accompanied by nuances of nuts, caramel, and subtle spices.


In summary, Medium fortified wines are a versatile choice that offer a harmonious balance between sweetness, acidity, and body, providing a pleasant and satisfying taste experience.

What do we accompany the Medium Generous wines with?

Medium fortified wines are a versatile choice to accompany a variety of dishes and desserts. Their balance between sweetness and acidity makes them suitable for pairing with semi-cured and soft cheeses, such as Gouda or Brie. They are also excellent companions for soft sausages, such as salchichón or Serrano ham. As for desserts, Medium generous wines are ideal to accompany fruit tarts, such as apple or pear, as well as medium-intensity chocolate desserts. Its balanced sweetness complements and enhances the flavors without being overpowering.


In summary, Medium fortified wines are a wise choice to pair with a wide range of dishes and desserts, offering a balanced and pleasant gastronomic experience.


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