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Muscat grape type variety is known as the Mediterranean grape. Is one of the most ancient grape varieties and there is evidence that there are about 200 varieties. Alexandria’s Muscat is maybe the most popular variety but there also exist Muscat à Petit Grains.

What are the particularities that has Muscat variety?

Muscat is a white grape type characterized by having a huge aromatical potential and a high sugar content. Alexandria’s Muscat is harvested early due to high temperatures. Is used with white dry wines and sweet white wines that have elegant floral aromas. Muscat à Petit Grains sprouts early with low production and even less drought resistance. This grape has orange notes and is perfect to produce young white wines or demi dry, sweet wines, so aromatic and with high alcoholic degree and acidity.

Which are the best Muscat wines to gift?  

At LaVinateria you’ll find the best white wines to gift on any occasion. We have wineries like: Agrícola Sant Josep, Celler Martí Fabra, Miguel Torres, Bodegas Fontana, Celler Hugas de Batlle or Juvé&Camps. All these wines are high quality wines at a very good price.


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