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Mezcal is a distilled alcoholic beverage native to Mexico. It is made from the agave, a succulent plant that is grown mainly in the Oaxaca region. Unlike tequila, which is a specific type of mezcal made exclusively from the blue agave, mezcal can be produced with different varieties of agave, giving it a wide variety of flavors and aromatic profiles.

  • How is mezcal made?

    Mezcal is made through an artisan process that begins with the harvest of ripe agaves. The hard leaves are cut, and the pineapple is discarded, the central part that contains the greatest number of sugars. The piñas are then fired in underground ovens filled with hot stones, resulting in a distinctive smoky flavor. After cooking, the pineapples are crushed and left to ferment in large wooden or stone vats for several days, using natural yeasts to transform the sugars into alcohol. The resulting liquid is distilled in copper stills, where impurities are separated and pure mezcal is obtained. Some mezcals are bottled directly after distillation, while others may be aged in oak barrels for variable periods of time to develop more complex flavors and aromas. The process of making mezcal requires patience, skill, and knowledge passed down from generation to generation, which contributes to its artisan character and the diversity of flavors that can be found in this iconic Mexican drink.

    What flavor does mezcal have?

    The flavor of the mezcal can vary depending on the type of agave used, the production method and the rest time. In general, however, mezcal is characterized by its distinctive, smoky flavor profile. The process of cooking the agave piñas in underground ovens with hot stones adds notes of smoke and ash to the mezcal. In addition, herbaceous, fruity, and earthy flavors can be appreciated, as well as nuances of caramel, spices and herbs. Mezcal can also have a balanced hint of sweetness and bitterness, depending on the quality and ripeness of the agave used. Some mezcals can present a greater intensity of flavors, while others can be softer and more subtle. Mezcal's diversity of flavors is part of its appeal, as each brand and type of mezcal can offer a unique and surprising experience. It is important to remember that the taste of mezcal can be influenced by the way it is tasted, including the temperature at which it is served and the choice of glass. The best way to appreciate its flavor is to take small sips and allow the mezcal to spread throughout your mouth, exploring the different flavors and nuances that this emblematic Mexican drink offers.

  • How to taste the mezcal?

    To taste mezcal and fully enjoy its flavors and nuances, follow these simple steps. Choose an appropriate glass that allows you to appreciate the aromas and texture of the mezcal. Observe its color and brightness. Bring it up to your nose and drink it gently, inhaling the smoky and herbaceous aromas that emerge. Take a small sip and allow it to spread through your mouth, savoring its complexity. Pay attention to the distinctive flavors of smoke, fruits, spices, and herbs that intertwine in harmony. Exhale gently to appreciate the final flavors and enjoy the aftertaste it leaves on your palate. Remember that mezcal is a drink that invites contemplation and appreciation of its sensory richness. Explore different brands and varieties to discover your personal preferences and enjoy this authentic Mexican experience. Health!

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