Destilerías Amrut

Amrut Malt Fusion


Single Malt


VAT incl. bottle of 70 cl.

  • €49,65

  • €49,65

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More information

  • The Amrut Fusion is a single malt whiskey, made in India with the mixture of malted barley grown in a well-known region of the Himalayas and malted barley from Scotland. Both barleys age independently and after 4 years, they are mixed and bottled without prior cold filtration.

  • Destilerías Amrut
  • India
  • Single Malt
  • 50º
  • 70 cl. (0.7 L.)
  • Metal box

Tast note

On the nose it is dense, complex and with aromas of barley gently wrapped in smoke.

On the palate it contains warm smoky notes and vanilla, fruit notes and chocolate flavors.

The finish is very marked by peat and dry oak.


It is recommended to serve alone, with ice or with a little water.