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Moscato sweet wines are recognized for their fresh, light, and aromatic character.

What characteristics do sweet moscato wines have?

Moscato sweet wines are characterized by their charming aromatic profile and refreshing character. They are light, fresh wines with a low alcohol content. Its distinctive aroma of fruit and flowers captivates the senses, with notes of peach, apricot, orange, and white flowers. The sweetness present in Moscato wines is smooth and balanced, providing a nice touch without being cloying. These wines usually have a refreshing acidity that enhances their freshness and makes them ideal to enjoy in informal moments, such as aperitifs, parties, or celebrations. They are versatile and very accessible wines, perfect for those looking for a refreshing and tasty experience without the heaviness of other sweet wines.


In summary, Moscato sweet wines are distinguished by their aromatic profile, mild sweetness, refreshing acidity and light character, making them a perfect choice for those seeking a refreshing and easy-to-enjoy drink.

What do we accompany sweet moscato wines with?

Moscato sweet wines are an excellent choice to accompany a variety of dishes and occasions. Their refreshing character and balanced sweetness make them a versatile complement. They are perfect to pair with desserts such as fruit tarts, lemon cake, cheesecakes, and sorbets, since their sweetness complements and enhances the sweet flavors of these foods. In addition, Moscato wines are a refreshing option to accompany lighter dishes, such as fruit salads, soft cheeses, seafood, or Asian dishes with sweet and sour flavors. They are also a popular option to enjoy in informal moments or as aperitif wines, served cold and accompanied by fresh fruit or canapés.


In short, Moscato sweet wines are versatile and can be adapted to different occasions, providing a refreshing and pleasant experience.


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