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Mass wines are usually special sacramental wines and often have characteristics required by the church.

What characteristics do sweet mass wines have?

Mass wines must meet purity and quality standards required by the Church. It is sought that they are clean wines, without defects and suitable for use in religious rituals. Mass wines generally have a low alcohol content, usually in the range of 12% or less. This allows its consumption during the liturgical celebration without generating adverse effects on those who consume it. Since mass wines are used in religious rituals, they are required to be stable and can be kept in good condition for long periods of time. This implies that they must have a good storage capacity and resistance to deterioration.


In short, mass wines are characterized by their purity, low alcohol content, balance, and smooth flavor.

What do we accompany the sweet mass wines with?

Sweet mass wines are usually special wines intended for religious use in sacramental celebrations. Their intense sweetness and sacredness make them suitable to be enjoyed on their own during liturgy or as part of communion. These wines are tasted with respect and solemnity, without the need to pair them with specific foods. Its main purpose is to accompany religious rituals and symbolize the blood of Christ in the Eucharist.


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