Highland, Escòcia


AnCnoc 12 Years


Single Malt


VAT incl. bottle of 70 cl.

  • €29,79

  • €29,79

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More information

  • AnCnoc is a single malt whiskey from the Highland region of Scotland, aged in American oak exbourbon barrels for 12 years.

    Known around the world, it is a light yet complex whiskey and smooth yet challenging.

    The Highland region is the largest whiskey region in all of Scotland. With 47 distilleries spread across the Highlands and Islands, it boasts the widest variety of styles and is home to some of the most famous names in whiskey.

  • Knockdhu
  • Highland, Scotland
  • Single Malt
  • 40º
  • 70 cl. (0.7 L.)
  • With box

Tast note

Soft amber color, with a soft yellow touch.

The nose contains soft aromas, with hints of honey and lemon.

On the palate it is sweet, light and smooth.

The finish is long and smooth.