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Carinyena Red Wines

Carinyena variety is a red grape type potentially located all over the Mediterranean coast, although the latest years has also been found all over the world. The origin of this variety is thought to be Aragon, some years later it was taken to Sardegna, Italy and France where they tried to cultivate more hectares to improve their Carinyena winery quality. This grape type has a late sprout, their harvest is one of the latest to take place and sometimes their maturation is not completed yet. This Mediterranean and warm climates like Valle Central or California they are perfect to cultivate this variety.

What are the Red Carinyena characteristics?

This variety tends to produce small shoots with clusters very close to the vine. This variety is sensitive to the insects and fungus that attack the vineyards.

What are these Red Carinyena wines like?  

The darkest, deepest, and mineral Red Carinyena wines can be found at Priorat where they are usually mixed with Garnatxa. This combination produces some of the best Red Carinyena wines of the world. In France they are used to mix Carinyena with Garnatxa, Syrah or Mouvédre to get some equilibrated coupages, with a higher intensity than the Rioja red wines that also have intense colour but a different characteristic freshness. The smell of these wines reminds to plums and scrubs, the colour can vary from cherry red with violet tones to darker colours. The generous acidity and tannins are notorious on mouth. Carinyena red wines are complex, seductor and complicated to produce.

Which are the Red Carinyena wines that LaVinateria highlight?

Carinyena Red wines are distinguished due to their excellence so that some prices are higher than other grape types. At LaVinateria you can found the best Carinyena Red wines at the best price. From LaVinateria we offer different Carinyena Red wines from different wineries: Agrícola Sant Josep, Celler Jordi Miró, VallLlach, Clos Galena, Edetària, lavinyeta, Ferrer Bobet, Mas Llunes, Vinyes d’Olivardots i Vinya dels Aspres.


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